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Healthy Holistic Weight Loss

The goal of weight loss is to

You’ve been on a diet for how long? And your weight is stuck. You’ve tried every diet and method you could find, and you lose the weight – and it returns with a vengeance. Your energy has diminished, and you’re beginning to question the status of your health!

Contrary to what you’ve read on-line, in the popular lay press, or in the newest weight loss book, weight loss is not a fad or a food trend.   Weight loss is ultimately about self-discovery, and it goes far beyond counting calories, sweating at the gym, and following a diet plan.

According to a paper written by the National Institutes of Health, “Overweight and obesity result from a complex interaction between genes and the environment characterized by long-term energy imbalance due to a sedentary lifestyle, excessive caloric consumption, or both …. Attempts to prevent overweight and obesity are difficult to both study and achieve.” They also state, “the phenomenon of weight gain cannot always be attributed to lack of adherence to prescribed treatment regiments.”

In order to understand why, despite our best efforts, long-term weight loss is extraordinarily difficult, it behooves us to look at weight loss from a holistic perspective – meaning looking at the whole person, both physically and emotionally. When we do that, we begin to understand that being overweight is a syndrome – a collection of symptoms or conditions. Overweight is an issue of the digestive system, of the endocrine system, of the nervous system, and more. Usually, people who struggle with weight have several metabolic and/or dietary issues to resolve before they can lose weight effectively and keep it off.

If we just look at some of the common endocrine influences on weight management, they include hypothyroidism, imbalanced female/male hormones, stress, depression, metabolic syndrome (carbohydrate sensitivity), and others.

When we look at weight loss holistically, we are also looking at genes and the science of nutrigenomics – how nutrition affects our genes, and in the context of healthy weight loss, how to keep our “fat” genes under control. We are looking at the milieu of the gut, known as the microbiome, and its role in health and weight. And we are, of course, looking at nutrient imbalances, the role they are playing in the above-mentioned interplays (and more), and how to correct them.

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When we look at weight loss holistically, we are also looking at how to live successfully with food. Food, and the nutrients it provides, has and always will be a bodily need. Therefore, looking at food as calories to count is counterproductive – food is information to the body. If we are not providing our bodies with the information it needs to create health, our bodies will alert us to this in the form of weight gain, gas and bloating, skin disturbances, joint pains, low energy, and more.

And to top it all off, we are also looking at the role food plays in meeting emotional and psychological needs, our unique tastes and sensibilities around food choices, our attachment to those choices, and time constraints in our daily lives, including the demands of family and expectations that family may be placing on us.

Is it sounding complicated? It is, but ultimately weight loss is a matter of learning about how food and nutrition impacts our bodies, being committed to achieving your goal despite the ups and downs, finding an exercise program that doesn’t leave you exhausted and achy, and working with a certified nutrition professional who can design a holistic nutritional program for you, provide sound exercise advise, keep you on task if/when you falter, brainstorm and provide strategies and options when you struggle, and be ever so happy for you when you succeed – and that, of course, is where I come in. I will guide you every step of the way using science-based nutrition, providing programs, information, education, insights, tips, inspiration, menus, recipes, and more.

What you will achieve: Renewed health, vitality, and weight loss.

What I will achieve: I get to rejoice with you. I find that so rewarding.

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