Nutritional Testing

Nutritional Testing


Nutritional tests assess the way our bodies are metabolically functioning – meaning they look at the way chemicals in our bodies are being broken down and/or built up to perform a specific function — for example, like the way our hormones are working. They assess whether or not we are deficient in, or have too much of, a specific enzyme (like digestive enzymes), hormones (like estrogen), or other biochemical substances – and how nutrition can help our bodies to stay balanced, function better, and stay healthy.

Nutritional tests are done through saliva, stool, or blood, depending on the test. If nutritional testing is needed, test kits will be provided to you based on your specific needs as determined in a nutritional consultation. All tests that do not require a blood draw are done in the convenience of your home. Those tests that do require a blood draw will need to be taken to a lab. The name of the lab will be provided.

If you are doing a test in your home, once completed, you will need to mail it directly to the lab. Prepaid postage is provided, so all you’ll need to do is drop it in the mail box, or drop it off at the nearest UPS. If you need to take the test kit to the lab, the lab will usually mail it for you – again, prepaid postage is provided.

Some information about each nutritional test is provided here, but more specific instructions are provided with your test kit. Here are some of the nutritional tests that may be recommended:

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