Why I Offer Dietary Supplements

Part 2 of our two-part program is getting the right dietary supplements into your diet as part of your nutrition plan. Even when we eat healthy foods, the likelihood of nutrient depletion in these foods is present.

Dried linseed with macerated oilOver the years, our food, unfortunately, has been depleted of nutrients due to the depletion of minerals in the soil in which our food is grown.   This is due to natural factors such as erosion and leaching caused by storms and weathering, but it is also due to such farming practices as over-cultivation, insufficient inputs of replacement nutrients, accelerated soil erosion caused by inappropriate land uses and poor soil management practices, unbalanced fertilization, etc. (Journal of Sustainable Agriculture).

There are also other practices, such as genetically-modified foods and hydroponics, which also deplete our foods of the natural nutrients found in soil. And livestock grazing becomes a problem, as well. A lot of our livestock are now kept in feed lots, and as a result, their manure — which would put back some of the needed nutrients in our soil — is not being recycled on the farm.

If our soil doesn’t have enough minerals, this deficiency is passed on to our foods. Minerals provide the source of energy needed by plants to make vitamins, and so not only are mineral deficiencies present in our foods, but vitamin deficiencies as well.

And then there are the controversial issues of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and antibiotic usage in our cattle and poultry, farm-raised fish v. wild caught fish, chemicals and pesticides used in our foods, and on and on the list goes in terms of how foods being produced today are devoid of the nutrients they once contained.

Of course, all is not lost in terms of our foods – healthy eating is part 1 of our 2-part program – but fortunately and necessarily, we have dietary supplements to complement and augment any depleted nutrient intake from foods.

Professional Grade Dietary Supplements

 Just like there are controversial issues surrounding our food supply, there are controversies over dietary supplements. Over the years, testing has been done on dietary supplements manufactured by various companies and results show that ingredients reported on the label of some of those supplements have not been present. In addition, some companies coat their pills with substances like shellac in order to make them more slippery and easier to swallow. This has been known to produce the phenomenon known as bed-pan supplements, where supplements have been found intact in stool. There are also manufacturers of dietary supplements that use binders and fillers in their products.

I have gone to great lengths to find companies that use top grade ingredients in the manufacture of their dietary supplements. I seek out companies that have open-door policies in terms of their manufacturing process, and that have gone above and beyond what is required of them by law to ensure the highest quality of ingredients in their dietary supplements.Natural vitamin pills

Ultimately, the bottom line is: are you getting results? That answer is found in your test results and, of course, in how you feel. Everyone always has some kind of improvement – usually significant ones in terms of energy, pain, digestion, and so forth. Test results do improve. You are always being monitored for improvement, and guided every step of the way.

I have a vast and wide range of dietary supplements available to you. I have gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free supplements. I have dietary supplements and protein powders suitable for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. I have herbal products, homeopathic products, cough syrup, throat sprays, creams, and other natural care products, as well.

The dietary supplements I recommend are professional grade dietary supplements and can only be found through health care professionals. I do not sell them on this web site as supplementation is customized to you. You will be able to purchase them, at a discounted rate, once you have entered into one of our programs.

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