The Individual Consultation


Individual consultations are one-on-one consultations between you and Carol McGrath, CN.  In these consultations, Carol is your personal nutritionist.  These consultations are focused exclusively on your personal needs.  Programs are designed to fit your specific physiology (the way your body functions), and lifestyle (daily habits). All advice and recommendations are personalized to you.  Although you will receive education and general knowledge in these consultations, that information will be applied to your specific needs. These consultations are the most comprehensive consultations available at Nutrition Consulting Services.


Assessments and customized programs are based on extensive nutrition questionnaires, your health history, nutritional evaluation of your blood work, exercise advice designed to your physiology, specialized nutritional testing (if needed), and more.

Programs designed exclusively to you include foods to eliminate, foods to include, menu plans, recipes, dietary supplements, herbs, homeopathic supplements, exercise recommendations, affirmations, and more.  You will be taught about nutrition and its impact on genes, hormones, digestion, immune function, and more — and all this will then be applied to your specific physiology.  And, of course, you will be supervised and guided every step of the way by Carol.

Due to the comprehensive nature of these consultations, the “basics” require two consultations.  (Our two-part program).  Most people need at least one follow-up.

People who have chronic health challenges, need personalized weight management, are concerned about hereditary tendencies (Alzheimers, cancer, heart disease, etc.), would like to enhance their exercise performance, need to regain their energy, or who want to age more healthfully are strong candidates for the individual consultation.  However, everyone can benefit from an individual consultation and its customized programs.  The individual consulation is our most popular type of consultation.

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