Adrenal Stress Index

Adrenal Stress Index

The adrenal glands are the “first responders” to stress. They secrete cortisol and DHEA (two hormones), which in turn provide the information your body needs in order to provide energy to deal with daily stressors and to get you through your day.

This test measures cortisol and DHEA production, as well as the ratio between the two. It also measures what are called intermediary metabolites – the chemicals that are manufactured in a step by step way before the production of cortisol (for example) can occur. As there are several stages of stress, this test also determines the stage of stress your body is experiencing.

You will be collecting your saliva at four designated times throughout the day in the convenience of your home. Test tubes for salivary collection will be provided. Saliva can be collected on the weekend, if necessary. Once collected, prepaid postage and a box for mailing the test tubes directly to the lab will be provided. Specific instructions for taking and completing the test will also be provided.

From this test, we come up with a nutritional plan—dietary strategies and/or supplements — that will help to improve energy and sleep patterns, and keep your adrenal glands functioning healthfully.

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