Male Hormone Panel

The Male Hormone Panel

Traditionally, age-related male hormone changes were not considered problematic because fertility in men persists until an advanced age. More careful evaluation in males shows progressive age-related changes, including:

  • Decreased muscle mass and strength3m
  • Decreased vigor, low energy
  • Decreased libido or erectile dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness and Depression
  • Hair loss
  • Inability to lose weight

These changes usually begin when a man is in his 40’s and 50’s and points towards hormone imbalances and deficiencies which may be the male equivalent of menopause and is known as Andropause. However, younger men can also have hormonal imbalances and deficiencies.

Male Hormones

The main hormone associated with reproduction in men is testosterone. However, other male reproductive hormones are also produced, which not only play a role in a man’s ability to procreate, but also in how he feels and looks. These hormones include DHEA, progesterone, androstenedione, estrogen, and others. Yes, males produce estrogen – and females produce testosterone. And just like females should not be producing a lot of testosterone, males should not be producing a lot of estrogen. In fact, it is the balance of all male hormones, and not just one hormone that is necessary for optimal health.

Testing for Male Hormones

The male hormone panel is a salivary test done in the convenience of your home. It tests six (6) hormones produced in males, including those mentioned above, and identifies not only whether or not the proper quantity of each hormone is being produced, but also helps to identify whether or not these hormones are being broken down and converted properly in the body. For example, testosterone can break down and convert into estrogen in the body. Measuring conversion rates helps to identify the cause of an overproduction of one hormone over another.

A nutritional consultation will determine whether or not this test will be needed to bring the body back into nutritional balance. If this test is recommended, test kits will be provided. Each test kit contains full instructions, test tubes for salivary collection, forms to be submitted to the lab, and prepaid postage for mailing the collected saliva to the lab. The test kit box is the same box used to mail the test tubes back to the lab.

Nutrition Programs

Once the results are received by me, a nutritional program is then tailored to your specific nutritional needs to improve hormonal function. Diet, supplementation, and other nutritional and lifestyle considerations are important for maintaining healthy hormonal function and will help to bring the body back into balance. Our programs help to correct nutritional deficiencies, and in doing so, overall health is improved.

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