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Welcome to our web site! We assume that you are interested in health and nutrition for a variety of reasons – to recover from a health challenge, regain energy, lose weight healthfully, learn to eat right, reduce your risk for disease, and so forth — and are seeking answers and information either for you or for a friend or family member. You can find it all here.

We know making nutritional choices isn’t easy – there’s conflicting information (I thought eggs were supposed to be high in cholesterol, but now I heard they’re good to eat), misleading advertising (organic cocoa puffs – it’s organic – it must be good), social pressures, and so forth (see, also our “Emotions and the Nutritional Journey” section). That’s why at Nutritional Consulting Services we’re here to guide you to health using holistic principles and the science of nutrition, offering you the best possible nutritional care you can get, to yield the highest rate of success.

As you navigate through our web site, you’ll find we have many things to offer. Amongst those things is a free newsletter. If you’d like to receive it, scroll down to the bottom of the web site, and you’ll be able to sign up there.

Navigating Through Our Web Site

On our home page, you’ll find an “About” tab, which gives you a bibliography of Carol McGrath, CN (Certified Nutritionist). There you’ll find her credentials and history as a nutritionist. Information about Collaborating Practitioners is also in that section. If you’d like to know more about Carol’s personal “nutritional story”, you’ll find that information below.

The “Services” tab provides information about our consulting services. There’s a drop-down menu on that tab for “individuals”, “groups” and “businesses”. We offer nutritional consulting services to all three categories. The “Products” tab is self-explanatory. Please read about how we have chosen our products with diligence and care in order to provide high quality products to you.

Our “Programs” tab has a drop-down menu for our “Two-Part Program”, “Wellness Program”, “Healthy Holistic Weight Loss Program”, “Cancer Survivors Program”, and also for the specialized “Nutritional Testing” that we offer.

We have a “Tips and Recipes” tab on our home page. The information in this section will be ongoing in terms of the nutritional tidbits it provides. You’ll also find a “Classes and Speaking” tab on our home page. We offer nutrition education on a variety of topics. I am available to come to you, but webinars (seminars over the web) are also available.

If you’d like to purchase a program, there’s a “Purchase” tab, and if you’d like to speak to me, there’s a “Contact Me” tab. We are eager to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. We know nutrition science works!

What We’re About

At Nutrition Consulting Services, we look at health, including achieving a healthy weight, from a holistic (total body) point of view. Using science-based clinical nutrition, we focus on keeping the body healthy. In doing that, we know all goals will be met – vibrant health, looking and feeling great, sleeping better, etc. — as we are reducing the risk for disease.  We believe that every human being is capable of determining his or her own health, or disease, and that illness is not a “normal” part of aging.

Nutrition is all about staying healthy. It’s about fueling our complicated biochemistry so that we have no choice but to produce health. Nutrition is so much more than counting calories, following a menu plan, or taking a multi-vitamin. In nutrition, what’s right for one person can become someone else’s poison. Something that makes one person feel great can make another person feel awful. Determining your nutritional needs requires expertise and guidance. The process of determining what’s right for you starts with you.

Guiding You to Health

We assess nutritional status using various health questionnaires and, of course, your health history. Your blood test and other specialized nutritional testing can also be used, if needed, to determine your “nutritional story”. We leave no stone unturned.   We listen very carefully to you as we discuss everything that has gone on in your health history, and even in your personal life. It can all become very relevant in designing a customized nutritional program exclusively for you. We’re there for you every step of the way — through your successes and yes, even your struggles – it’s all part of weaving together not only nutritional programs and menu plans, but lifestyle strategies and plans as we guide you to health.   We’re committed to you and your success.

At Nutrition Consulting Services – with Carol McGrath, CN — you can choose to have individualized consultations, where you have your own personal nutritionist. We also offer group programs, educational classes, and webinars. If you’re a company or corporation, we have programs and/or education for your employees and personnel. Whichever you choose, know that you are getting sound nutritional advice from a certified nutrition expert who will be there to guide you every step of the way to better health. We really care about you and making sure that you have everything you need to be successful as you incorporate nutrition into your life. As stated above, we know nutrition science works!

The Science of Nutrition and the Holistic Model

The science of nutrition is the study of the nutrients in foods and of the body’s handling of them, including ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism, interaction, storage, and excretion. A broader definition includes the study of the environment and of human behavior as it relates to food. We also, of course, keep on top of current nutrition research and its implications in human health.

The holistic, or wellness, model defines health in terms of the whole person, not in terms of diseased parts of the body. It focuses on optimal health, reducing risk for disease, and positive mental and emotional states. Staying well and being healthy through nutrition is not merely the absence of disease — it means taking positive action to achieve health daily by developing sound nutritional and lifestyle habits.

It is our belief that if the body is healthy as a whole, all the healthy parts (organs, tissues, cells) will take care of those parts that are subject to ill-health (colds, flus, etc.). However, there may be times that employing the medical model (drug therapy, surgery) is a good idea. It is our belief that that encompasses the holistic model, as well.

Having said that, drugs can deplete nutrients, and determining which nutrients are needed is also a part of the nutritional care we give to you.

Carol’s “Nutritional Story”

Carol was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease in the early 1990’s. This left her disabled – unable to walk for extended periods of time, or eat very much at all. With the help of a nutritionally-oriented physician, as well as other nutritionally-oriented health care practitioners, she began her journey back to health, and got on the road to employing nutrition on an every day basis. She has never left that path since then. She knows from personal experience that health and weight challenges can sometimes get overwhelming, but she also knows that staying on the “nutritional path” is more than worth it. She also brings that compassion as part of the nutritional care given to you. Carol went on to study nutrition in depth and became board certified in 2001. For more information on her professional history, please click here