Genetic Testing

The MethylDetox Panel (Genetic Testing)


If you haven’t yet read the section on the home page entitled “Nutrition and Your Genes”, please click here for a more in depth understanding of how genes are modifiable through nutrition.  In that section, the science of epigenetics – how our genes can be told what to do – is explained.  Nutrigenomics, the science of how our genes can be reprogrammed with nutrition, is also explained.

Methylation and the Methylation Cycle

One of the most important processes in the body is called methylation (also explained in more detail on the section of the home page entitled “Nutrition and Your Genes”).  Methylation is a type of repair process – an ongoing series of chemical reactions – that is involved in almost every bodily process.  Energy production, cardiovascular health, detoxification of carcinogens, neurological health, eye health, musculoskeletal health, and more are all dependent on proper methylation.

In order for proper methylation to occur, the proper chemical reactions need to take place.  That all happens in what’s called the methylation cycle.  The methylation cycle consists of a very complex series of chemical reactions that take place along many different “pathways” – a sort of road map where the production of needed substances for energy, hormones, etc. can take place.

Genetic Mutations

In the many pathways in the methylation cycle, there are several genes that encode for (are responsible for producing) specific enzymes necessary to make these chemical reactions happen so that the body’s needs can be met.  If a gene is not able to encode properly, this is called a genetic mutation.   Genetic mutations in the methylation pathway are associated with accelerated aging, certain chronic diseases, poor drug clearance, and much more, as discussed above.  More than 50% of people are affected by genetic mutations in the methylation pathway.

Genetic Testing

The MethylDetox Profile tests 5 critical genes in the methylation pathway. A detailed lab report is provided which aids in making the methylation cycle more understandable, and it is targeted to your specific nutritional needs.  Presence or absence of genetic mutations are also reported, amongst other things.

The MethylDetox Profile requires a sample of your DNA from inside your mouth using a buccal swab. Genetic testing is only done one time, as the results do not change. In order to track your progress, a blood sample is needed.


Buccal swabs can only be used for genetic testing.

Blood draw collection is used for homocysteine testing. (Homocysteine reflects what’s happening in the methylation cycle).

Customized Nutrition Programs 

If it is determined that a MethylDetox Profile is right for you, a test kit which includes all the materials and instructions on how to complete the test will be provided to you.  A nutritional consultation will determine whether or not a MethylDetox Profile is right for you.

Once the results are received by me, a nutritional program is then tailored to your specific nutritional and dietary needs.  By understanding your genetics, you can prevent and address the impact these genetic mutations have on the body with the right nutrition.  Our programs help to correct the nutritional deficiencies, and in doing so, your genetic expression can be modified and overall health is improved.

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